Brown Leaf Tips: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

Brown Tips on a Plant Leaf

While many plant problems are caused by insects or diseases, a plant’s environment also plays a major role in its health and appearance.
If your plant has brown tips on its leaves, consider these possible causes:

  1. Salt Damage--from fertilizer (too much or too often) or the water (especially treated well water).  Salts go right to growing tips or edges of a leaf.

****Solution: Flush pot with water and let it drain well.  Or, change the soil.  Stop in or call us to find out the correct amount and kind of fertilizer for your particular plant!

  1. Plant Too Dry--condition shows up first in the part of the plant furthest from the root.

****Solution: Water the plant.  Keep it properly hydrated.

  1. Toxic Salts From Chemicals--accumulates in the leaf tips like other salts.  Chlorine is the major culprit here.

****Solution: This is difficult to deal with, but finding another water source or using distilled water may alleviate the problem.
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