Design in Bloom at McArdle's: Our Design Studio has Moved Upstairs!

Why move the Design Studio?

Hello again, friends! You may be asking yourselves the same question. I've no doubt that many of you reading this have always known the designers to work downstairs. You may have even had the pleasure of going down, and peeking behind the curtain of green. Kudos if you get the Eudora Welty reference, but I've gone off my point. Moving the Design Studio allows us to invite you into our world! So much of the pleasure of flowers comes from understanding how a designer weaves them into living art. If you time it right, you might even see your own order come to life before your eyes.
Of course, this also means that our cut flowers have moved into our upper showroom as well. I've had a couple of customers come in this week and ask, " have you stopped selling fresh flowers?" We wouldn't be much of a flower shop if that were the case. So, if you walk in and don't see the flowers immediately, have no fear! They've just joined the designers on their excursion into the upper showroom.

The Frequent Flower Club:

On the subject of flowers, now seems like an appropriate time to remind of you the Frequent Flower Club. If you give us some of your information to keep in our customer database (your name, address, phone number, and email), we'll give you 20% off fresh cut blooms whenever you buy them. There are no limits to the amount, and no required minimum purchase either. So, signing up is a great way to get value out of our gorgeous blooms. Whether you stop by the design studio to watch our designers work, or pick up some stems, I definitely recommend signing up.

Ordering Flowers from McArdle's:

I hope that all this talk of flowers and design has inspired you to send something beautiful to a friend, or even treat yourself to flowers. Let me remind you that you have two options when ordering from us. You can certainly give our shop a call at 203-661-5600, or you can place your order on our website by clicking here. Either way, our designers will create something gorgeous for you, which we can even hand deliver!
Whenever you buy or order flowers, we do guarantee them for a week as well! Any loose stems that you take home will need a fresh cut, and to be put into a vase, but once cut they should hold for at least a week. The same goes for our arrangements. If they do fail for some reason, give us a call ASAP. We'll replace it with a new arrangement or bouquet free of charge.
So, stop by! Take a look at our new design studio! Say hi our designers. Pick up a few stems. We'd love to see you.
by Justin Lievano who loves to watch the designers work, so this change makes his life easier. 

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