Deer Repellents - "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

There are three ways to control deer damage to plant material.
1. The physical barrier, which means deer fence or netting.  This physical method is, in my opinion, the best and most fool proof means to keep deer away from your plants.  Here the fence would encircle the garden to be protected.  Netting can be used just like the fencing, or it can just be draped over the plants to be protected.  The netting seems to spook the deer as they back off when they touch it.  Apparently they are afraid they will get tangled up in it.
2. Sprays which work by scent (odor) or taste.  The better working sprays are the ones that employ both attributes. You have to spray often, which means about every two weeks in the spring when new growth is occurring rapidly and has to be protected.  Sprays can be very effective as long as the spray program is followed. Please call or stop in for the best product for your particular situation.
3. Granular repellents are my least favorite.  They must be spread around the plants that have to be protected.  These should be repeated every two weeks, and after any heavy rainfall.  A fairly new product called Deer Scram claims to be the first true barrier repellent.  This product can be applied in a 16" wide strip around the garden to be protected.  An additional strip must be laid down for every 15' of garden depth.