Decorating for the Fall Harvest

The Cool nights.  Crisp morning air.  Fall is here!

Fall is just not for raking leaves. It is also a great time to celebrate the fall harvest. So grab a cup of spiced tea and let’s go outside and have fun!
An easy and quick way to add fall to your containers is to add mini pumpkins and gourds around the base of your container and have them poking out. Also cat tails, wheat or decorative leaves stuck into soil will add fall interest. You also may want to consider adding fall ribbon.
Need to re-do your containers? Consider fall mums, kale and cabbages. Hate mums? Fall blooming annuals add a tremendous amount of color and designing to fall
displays. Grasses, pansies and million bells are just a few plants that will bloom until a hard frost. You can also add gourds and mini pumpkins around the edge of the container as stated above. Looking for a “no plant” window box? Place sugar pumpkins in the window box for a simple look. Add some decorative leaves or just leave plain.
The front porch is one of the most appealing areas of a home, especially if it is inviting and well decorated. Start lining your front walk at the street and continue to the front porch. Bales of hay will provide a stable surface for planters, scarecrows, colorful gourds and any other items you wish. Place gourds and pumpkins in groups and use empty pots to raise them to different levels. Also add mums and cabbages wrapped in burlap. Place on and around the hay. Add cornstalks. Tie to columns or stick a shovel into the ground and tie the stalks around the handle to hold them up. If you have any old worn rakes, shovels or other lawn tools lying around, put them to a decorative use!
Have a “dead spot” on the wall? Hang a grapevine wreath and embellish with fall leaves, acorns or whatever you like. Don’t take it down for Christmas, just add a different ribbon.
I hope you had fun decorating the outdoors with me. I have to go refill my spiced tea.
Note:  Please do not mulch your garden or compost the hay bales. They are not weed seed free.