To the one with infinite time to devote to his garden, deadheading is a labor of love that is not in the least burdensome. To most of us, however, despite our love of flowers, the time-consuming nature of deadheading is overwhelming or impractical, often to the point of deterring us from gardening as much as we’d like to. We deadhead to keep our flowers blooming all season, removing old and spent blooms that would pollinate and prevent our flowers from blooming again by fulfilling their flowery purpose. To deadhead the gardener begins by pinching off the stem just below the base of dead flowers. To prevent leaving behind unsightly bare stems, any flower can also be removed just above the first leaf below the flower head.
For those who aren’t able or who prefer not to spend time deadheading, there are many choice flowers that require very little maintenance to beautify a garden! These plants might be sterile, and thus will bloom until frost despite already flowering, or they might just be prolific bloomers  or self-cleaners whose blooms disappear once dead with the help of the elements. We have compiled a list, with the help from our good friends and expert growers at Proven Winnersof such flowers that are at once low-maintenance and beautiful.
Ageratum Artist and Blue Horizon – new flowers will quickly cover the old flowers
Angelonia Angelface – self-cleaning
Anisodontea Slightly Strawberry – self-cleaning
Argyranthemum – removing old blooms may improve appearance
Bacopa – self-cleaning
Bidens – self-cleaning
Bracteantha Sundaze – removing old blooms may improve appearance
Browallia – little care required
Calibrachoa Million and Superbells – self-cleaning
Chrysocephalum Flambe Yellow – self-cleaning
Cleome Spirit – removing old blooms may improve appearance
Cleome Senorita Rosalita – the plants are seed sterile and self-cleaning
Diascia Flying Colors and Flirtation – self-cleaning
Euphorbia Diamond Frost – self-cleaning
Euphorbia Efanthia, Helen’s Blush, and Kalipso – deadheading won’t keep them blooming longer, however, removing old flowers once the plant has finished blooming will encourage the plant to branch more and the next spring you should see an increase in flowers thanks to a better branched plant.
Fuchsia – self-cleaning
Gomphrena – little care required and blooms all summer
Heliotropium Simply Scentsational – self-cleaning
Heuchera Dolce – prolific bloomers
Impatiens Rockapulco and Infinity – self-cleaning
Lamium Pink Chablis – self-cleaning
Lantana Luscious – self-cleaning
Lobelia Laguna and Lucia – self-cleaning
Lobularia Snow Princess – self-cleaning
Mecardonia GoldDust – self-cleaning
Melampodium – blooms forever in the hot season and never needs deadheading
Nierembergia Augusta Blue Skies – self-cleaning
Nemesia – self-cleaning
Osteospermum Soprano and Symphony – new flowers will quickly cover old flowers
Oxalis Charmed – self-cleaning
Petunia Supertunia – self-cleaning – this is not necessarily true of all petunias
Phlox Intensia – self-cleaning
Sanvitalia Sunbini – new flowers will quickly cover old flowers
Salvia Paul, Black & Blue, Indigo Spires, and Victoria Blue – require little attention
Scaevola Whirlwind and New Wonder – self-cleaning
Sedum Garnet Brocade – self-cleaning
Sutera Snowstorm – self-cleaning
Torenia Catalina and Summer Wave – self-cleaning
Verbena bonariensis – Requires little deadheading