Dr. Z: Current Heat & Drought Related Issues

Some problems associated with the hot and very dry weather are starting to show up in our own gardens and the landscape in general.
Pulling weeds: The earth is like "cement" because of our drought, and the weeds seem to be "cemented" into the soil.  Try to pull them and they snap off leaving the roots behind.  A little hint that may help.  The weeds will come out easier if the area has been watered prior to the pulling.
Spider Mites: Be on the look out for this insect as it thrives under hot and dry conditions.  They love to take advantage of stressed out plants.  Keep an eye out for that stippled appearance (yellow/green/yellow/green, etc.) the leaves get and the "dusty" look from the minute cobwebs the mites make.  Spray the plants accordingly.  Good organic options are Safers' Insect Killing Soap or Espomas' Earth-tone Insect Control with pyrethrin, and a chemical one is Bayers' 3-in-1 Insect, Disease, and Mite Control.
Leaf scorch: This occurs when a plant is losing water faster than it can take water in.  Leaf edges and the area between the veins turn tan or brown.  It is most severe in the upper branches. Since this is a call for help, apply deep watering methods.  Do not confuse this condition with a plant disease called bacterial leaf scorch.
Call or come see Dr.Z to have any of your garden questions answered!

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