Container Gardening Tips

* Before planting, monitor the location for the amount of sunlight to determine what plants can be used.
* The container must have at least one drainage hole.  Cover the hole(s) with a coffee filter to prevent soil from leaking out.
* Use a soilless medium like Fafard Potting Soil to assure excellent drainage, a precursor for root development.
* Empty the bag into your container about 1/2 way.  Add Dynamite slow release fertilizer and Soil Moist according to the label directions for the size of the container.  Mix together well.
* Continue to add soil to about 5” below the top of the container.
* Tap plants out of their container and gently spread apart the roots.  Plant all plants and fill-in with soil.
* Fertilize weekly with Neptune or any all-purpose organic plant food.
* Don’t forget to Dead Head.  Removing spent flowers will help the plant put its energy into new flowers, not going to seed.

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