Dr. Z: Chipmunks: Cute, But a Serious Garden Pest

animal repellent sprays croppedChipmunks are a major problem this year because they are present in such large numbers. This high population count is due to the mild winter we had, combined with an abundant food supply last fall.
Chipmunks cause damage by their feeding and burrowing.  They eat seeds, bulbs, nuts, berries, fruit, and vegetables.  Their burrowing can destroy home foundations, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.
Their tunnel entrance is about 2" in diameter, with no soil around the entrance.  It can be up to 30' long with a nesting chamber, one or two storage cambers, and an escape tunnel.
Prevention should be the main goal in trying to limit their damage since it is very hard to get them out of an area once they are there.  Use netting to cover plants they would usually attack, and hardware cloth buried around the sides or underneath the area to be protected.
animal repellent cropped
If they are going after plants, spray them with a liquid repellent such as Bobbex R Animal Repellent or Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent.  The Hot Pepper Wax would be the one to use if they are going after edible plant material.  If their burrows are the problem, use a granular repellent like Critter Ridder or Bonide Repels-All.  Throw some down their tunnel and scatter around the area where they active.

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