Carolina Peach Truck - One Day Only!

Carolina Peach Truck Arrives on July 12 with Freestone Peaches from South Carolina

Nothing says summer like a perfect peach, and McArdle's is bringing them to Greenwich!

Stop in on July 12 between 2:30 - 4 to see the famous Carolina Peach Truck and buy these amazing peaches.

Peach experts call South Carolina the “Tastier Peach State” because South Carolina produces twice as many peaches as the neighboring Peach State of Georgia!
Carolina Peach Truck offers freestone South Carolina peaches from Watsonia Farms. Watsonia Farms in Monetta, South Carolina is a pioneering producer of certified organic peaches as well as regular (conventional) peaches that are globally certified for food safety.
Regular peaches on the Carolina Peach Truck are $49 for a whole box. A whole box of regular peaches weighs approximately 25 pounds and contains 65-80 peaches depending on their size.
Organic peaches on the Carolina Peach Truck are $59 for a whole box. A whole box of organic peaches weighs approximately 18 pounds and contains 48-56 peaches depending on their size.
No advance order or purchase is necessary!
Do I have to buy a whole box of peaches?
Customers are welcome to divide whole boxes of peaches among themselves.
The simplest way to enjoy a whole box of world-class South Carolina peaches is eating them fresh and sharing this unique summer experience with friends, family, and neighbors!
Peaches are also excellent for cooking in both sweet and savory recipes, and you can enjoy the superior flavor of South Carolina peaches all year round by canning or freezing them for freshness!
Carolina Peach Truck does not offer partial boxes of peaches due to the costs of additional packaging and wait times that are imposed by repacking whole boxes into partial boxes.
Do organic peaches taste different than regular peaches?
Organic and regular peaches generally taste the same, but organic peaches are more expensive due to the higher costs of organic inputs and smaller yields compared to regular peaches.
Why are peach prices higher this summer?
Peach prices are higher this summer because unfavorable weather ruined about 80% of the southern peach crop, but 100% of the remaining peaches taste sweeter than ever in South Carolina!