Caring For The Odontioda Orchid

The Odontioda is not very demanding if grown indoors.  Plants do best in east, northeast, or a shaded western window.  The foliage will develop a light pinkish coloration if it receives too much light.

Odontioda Orchid Odontioda Orchid

If grown indoors, daytime temperatures should not exceed 75oF and nighttime as low as 50oF is acceptable.  If grown outdoors, odontiodas are tolerant to temperatures ranging from 45-85oF.  Use ¼ strength all-purpose fertilizer for most of the year.  When in bud-to-bloom however, fertilize more frequently, approximately every time you water.
Never allow the plants to dry out.  Depending on your growing conditions water every three to five days.  A rule with Odontiodas is "when in doubt, water."   Never let the plant sit in water for extended periods of time, as the rather small roots can deteriorate and insufficient water leads to wrinkled leaves.

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