Caring For The Cymbidiums

Cymbidiums are the oldest cultivated orchids and are plants of the floriferous genus Cymbidium.  They are Asian natives that last as cut flowers for two months or more in the water.
They require consistent moisture and steady watering year round.  However, do not allow them to sit in water for long periods of time.
Fertilize at one-half strength with a 20-20-20 until flowering starts.  Do not feed until new growth starts.

Cymbidiums Cymbidiums

These large plants are easy to grow when they receive high light and very cool temperatures.  A breezy atmosphere also works for them.  However, shade them from full sun and protection from too much heat during the hottest months.  In the winter months be sure to expose them to a lot of sunshine.
To help them set bud, 45oF autumn nights work.  The crisp air forces them to set bud.  Make sure to bring them inside before outside temperatures really begin to drop.

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