Butterfly Gardening

So you want to have a butterfly garden. Why not? Attracting all those beautiful butterflies with bright colors would be a lot of fun to watch while you sit on your lounge chair, reading your favorite book.
Transforming from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly is going on right under your nose. They go through a complete metamorphosis. Egg, larva, pupa and adult. The food requirements for all of these stages are very different. To have a successful butterfly garden you will need host plants and nectar plants. Host plants are plants caterpillars will chew and or plants that adult butterflies will lay their eggs on. Nectar plants are simply for adults to feed.
Butterfly gardens can be any size. From a small window box to a landscaped yard, the choice is yours. Adult butterflies will visit much longer if they can find plants to lay their eggs on. Mass plantings are more inviting than single plants. Provide rocks in a sunny spot in the garden for butterflies to warm up their muscles on cool mornings. They love to “bask” in the morning sun. Shelter is also important to keep them out of weather conditions. A Butterfly House is a great shelter. It has slots the ideal size for keeping birds out while at the same time protecting from wind and rain. They are also wonderful garden decorations. Locate one in your garden near nectar plants.
A photo opportunity is right around the corner! These gardens are a great source of enjoyment for adults and children of all ages. Create a scrapbook of all your visitors that stop by. Try to identify what types of butterflies you have.
Important Note:  Don’t forget to have butterflies you need to have caterpillars. They chew plants as a source of food so they can transform into a spectacular butterfly. Do not use pesticides to eradicate caterpillars. They are your butterflies.               
Check the garden shop for attractive Butterfly Houses that would look great in any garden.

Butterfly Nectar Flowers:


Ageratum   houstonianum  Floss Flower
Begonia   species  Begonia
Bougainvillea   species  Bougainvillea
Calibrachoa  Million Bells
Ceratostigma   species  Plumbago
Cestrum   elegans  Jasmine
Clerodendrum   species  Blue Butterfly Bush
Cleome   species  Spider Flower
Cuphea   species  Firecracker Plant
Dahlia   species  Dahlia
Diascia   species  Twinspur
Duranta   species  Duranta
Euryops   species  Grey-Leaved Euryops
Fuchsia   Species  Fuchsia
Hebe   species  Hebe
Helianthus  Sunflower
Heliotropium   arborescens  Heliotrope
Lantana   species  Lantana
Nemesia   species  Nemesia
Nicotiana   species  Tobacco Plant
Pelargonium   species  Geranium
Penstemon   species  Penstemon
Phygelius   capensis  Cape  Fuchsia
Plectranthus   species  Plectranthus
Senecio   species  Dusty Miller
Solanum jasminoides  Variegated Potato Vine
Stachys   species  Lambs Ear
Strobilanthes   anisophyllus  Persian Shield
Verbena   species  Verbena
Zinnia   species  Zinnia


Abutilon   species  Chinese Lantern
Achillea   species  Yarrow
Alchemilla   species  Lady’s Mantle
Anemone   species  Anemone
Anthemis   species  Dog Fennel
Aquilegia   species  Columbine
Arenariamontana  Sandwort
Armeria   species  Thrift
Asclepias   species  Butterfly Weed
Aster   species  Aster
Astilbe   species  Astilbe
Bergenia   species  Bergenia
Calluna   vulgaris  Heath
Campanula   species  Bellflower
Cerastium   tomentosum  Snow in Summer
Chrysanthemum   species  Daisy
Clethra   arborea  Lily of the Valley
Coreopsis   species  Tickseed
Dianthus   species  Dianthus
Digitalis   species  Foxglove
Echinacea   species  Cone Flower
Eupatorium   megalophyllum  Eupatorium
Gaura lindheimeri  Gaura
Geranium   species  Cranesbill
Geum   species  Avens
Helleborus   species  Hellebore
Hemerocallis   species  Day Lily
Hibiscus   species  Hibiscus
Hypericum   patulum  St. Johns Wort
Iberis   sempervirens  Candytuft
Kniphofia   species  Red Hot Poker
Lavandula   species  Lavender
Lupinus   species  Lupine
Lythrum  Loosestrife
Monarda   didyma  Bee Balm
Myrtus   species  Myrtle
Nepeta species  Catmint
Oenothera   species  Evening Primrose
Physostegia   virginiana  Obedient Plant
Rosa   species  Rose
Rudbeckia   hirta  Black Eyed Susan
Scabiosa   species  Pincushion Flower
Sedum   species  Stonecrop
Solidago   species  Goldenrod


Abelia   species  Glossy Abelia
Buddleia   species  Butterfly Bush
Callicarpa   species  Beauty Bush
Camellia   species  Camellia
Cornus   species  Dogwood
Erica   species  Heath
Malus   species  Crab Apple
Rhododendron   species  Rhododendron
Sarcococca   ruscifolia  Sweet Box
Spiraea  Spiraea
Syringa   vulgaris  Lilac
Viburnum   species  Viburnum
Weigela   species  Weigela


Aloysia   triphylla  Lemon-Scented Verbena
Borago   officinalis  Borage
Citrus   species  Citrus
Daphne   species  Daphne
Laurus   species  Bay
Mentha   species  Mint
Origanum   vulgare  Marjoram
Thymus   species  Thyme
Tulbaghia   species  Society Garlic


Clematis   species  Clematis
Tecomanthe   species  Honeysuckle
Ipomoea species  Moon Flower
Thunbergia  Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Butterfly Host Flowers:

Annuals and Perennials:

Alcea   rosea  Hollyhock
Antirrhinum   majus  Snapdragon
Asclepias  Butterfly Weed
Aster   species  Aster
Brassica  Flowering Cabbage
Cheiranthus   cheiri  Wallflower
Chelone   lyonii  Turtlehead
Cleome  Spiderflower
Dictamnus   albus  Gas Plant
Digitalis   purpurea  Foxglove
Hibiscus   species  Hibiscus
Lathyrus  Sweet Pea
Linaria   species  Toadflax
Lobularia maritima  Sweet Alyssum
Rudbeckia   species Black-Eyed   Susan
Solidago   species  Goldenrod
Tropaeolum   majus  Nasturtium
viola   wittrockiana  Pansy
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