Bulbs and Soft Scale! "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

Bulbs are still very much a part of the garden scene now.  However, when they are done blooming let their leaves stay up as long as possible, hopefully until they turn yellow, before cutting them down.  The leaves manufacture the food for next year.  The food is transferred from the leaves back into the bulb.
And, now the time to feed established bulbs, when they are done blooming and the green leaves are still present.  We recommend Espoma Bulbtone!
Speaking of bulbs, many want to know if their past bloom Easter lilies can be planted outdoors.  Yes they can.  Set the bulb 2 to 3 inches deeper than they grew in the pot.  Some Easter lilies re-bloom in the fall.
Many gardeners notice holly leaves with white cotton like lines on the bottom of their leaves.  This is a type of insect called soft scale.  The best way to handle this now is to clean up all debris under the holly and spray the holly with a horticultural oil to smother the scale in it's present form. I have had great luck with Bonide's All Season Horticultural Oil.
-Jim Zanetti

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