Browned Out Grass "Dr.Z's" Tip of the Week

The area lawns have browned out recently after a prolonged period of insufficient rainfall and the arrival of very hot temperatures.  It see
ms as though the heat pushed them over the edge and was simply too much for them to deal with.
Generally speaking, these lawns will come back after some rain and cooler temperatures appear.  For the most part, they have only gone dormant, which is what they do as a result of the harsh conditions.  Lawns go through these cycles periodically.  But because of the extreme weather patterns of recent years, it has become harder for our northern lawns to recover.  Seeded lawns seem to recover better than sodded ones. Rye grass and fescue recover better than blue grasses.

grassTraditionally, our northern grasses are considered cool weather grasses and southern ones are considered warm weather grasses.  Obviously southern grasses can take extreme heat and survive.  But they can not be used up north because they will not survive the cold winters.  So we have to look elsewhere for some solutions.

Among the fescues there are ones called tall type fescues.  These are deep rooted grasses that can take punishment.  They are drought tolerant, withstand heavy traffic, and require less maintenance than most grasses.  This may be a consideration when repairing damaged lawns this fall.  At McArdle's we sell a grass seed mixture called Grid Iron which is made up of tall type fescues.
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