The Best Flowers in Greenwich: What I Learned from Floral Processing

The Best Flowers in Greenwich:

What I Learned from Floral Processing

Hello again, friends! If I had any readers at all, let alone regular readers, they might have wondered where I've been. No one has posted a blog for about three weeks! Egad! Well, I took a sabbatical from blogging and working in the flower shop to process flowers here at McArdle's. I'm back now, and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you. The story of all our flowers is more complex than you might think. So, settle in and we'll chat about how we bring you the best flowers in Greenwich.

"Spring Crush" is available exclusively at McArdle's

Where do our flowers come from?

I've mentioned this before, but our flowers hail from across the world. Anemones from Japan, Ranunculus from Italy, Hydrangea from Colombia, and more all make their way through our doors. Many of the particularly exotic varieties travel through the Netherlands, the world's largest flower distribution hub. As an example, the ranunculus, peonies, hydrangea, and hyacinth in our Spring Crush arrangement were all dispatched to us from Holland.
We receive fresh flower deliveries every single day, so our flowers are always as fresh as they are beautiful. We wouldn't give you anything less than the very best flowers.

"Mellow Yellow" is available exclusively at McArdles

How do we choose our flowers?

The answer to this questions has two parts because it's asking two things. First, how do we select which flowers to buy for the store? Second, how do we choose which go on to the sales floor for you to enjoy?
What we bring in depends on the season and our customer's tastes. As an example, we know that you love roses and hydrangea, so we carry those through the whole year because they're available year-round. On the other hand, peonies and lilac only come in through the spring and summer. The yellow ranunculus and ivory hellebores in our Mellow Yellow arrangement are typical late winter/early spring blooms.
Once our flowers come in, we actually rifle through each box, each bunch of blooms so that only the most beautiful go up for sale. If we see any damage on the blooms, or have reason to suspect they won't hold up, they go right back. So, when you walk into McArdle's, the flowers that you see truly are hand-selected for you.

"Pretty in Pink" is available exclusively at McArdles

What makes our flowers the "best flowers?"

I'm so glad you asked! So, along with that I've already mentioned -- the way we import fabulous varieties, and hand select the very best of them -- we also know our flowers will last. During our buying and processing, we also select for long vase life. We guarantee all of our fresh flowers to last for one week, or we'll replace them! Plus, our arrangements are luxuriously designed by artists.
When you look over at our Pretty in Pink arrangement, that should really be evidence enough that ours are the best flowers around. That arrangement is simply delectable.
So, if you have any questions about our flowers, whether you want to know what's available, or your curious about where our flowers come from, we're happy to chat. You can write to us at [email protected] or pick up the phone and give us a call at 203-661-5600. Of course, if you'd like to order one of our gorgeous flower arrangements, we'd be happy to help with that too. Thanks for reading!
by Justin Lievano, pictured carrying buckets of flowers between the processing room and the design studio. 

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