Autumn Flowers, and Mums, and Workshops! Oh My!

Falling into Autumn at McArdle's:

Hello again, friends! I know that Summer hasn't quite left us yet, but this spell of cool weather has already got us thinking about fall. The kids are back in school. Fall plants like mums are popping up left and right. The season is, for all intents and purposes, upon us. So, what does that mean for us here at McArdle's and for you? It means Autumn workshops, new plants and flowers, and some changes to your houseplant care. So, without further ado, let's kick off fall.

New Plants in our Garden Center:

Mums have arrived! They will be with us through the autumn, but the first crop has made its way to McArdle's. Now, if you're looking for plants for your pots, annuals will still give you the better value. They have the potential to bloom for you all the way through October. In the late September warmth, mums will only last about a month. Of course, the cooler it gets the longer your mums will last because blooms open less quickly in crisp weather. But for anyone reading who's really eager for fall to begin, we do have mums for you.
Another plant I'd like to highlight for you this season is cyclamen. You're probably used to seeing cyclamen in 4 inch pots as little blooming houseplants, but they can be quite comfortable outside as well. Cyclamen prefer morning sun, and will hold on in temperatures as low as 35 degrees (Fahrenheit). So, cyclamen are a great plant for your pots outside as your annuals begin to fade in the cool autumn weather.

New Flower Arrangements from Our Design Team:

Our Fall flower collection has debuted on our website as well. You can see the whole selection by clicking here. The autumn collection features fabulous burnt oranges, yellows, and creams, and are all named for iconic Greenwich locations. To the left, you'll see my personal favorite, Milbank. To my mind, it captures all the beauty of autumn, with its burgundy hypericum berry, peachy roses, violet Queen Anne's lace, and vintage hydrangea with green petals and red tips. Those hydrangea, specifically, almost have the effect of leaves changing color before they fall.
You really should have a look at the whole collection. The collection also offers a range of styles from the tighter, more traditional arrangements like Milbank, to more loose, farm-to-table style arrangements as well. Whether you're planning for a party, celebrating a special occasion, or just sending a beautiful gift, our designers can create something to match your personal style.

Fall Workshops at McArdle's:

We're just about a week out from our first workshop of the season! It will be hosted by our own Stephen Grant, an expert in outdoor container design. Stephen will be teaching attendees how to design and create a beautiful early fall container garden from start to finish.  Whether you want to learn how to refresh your own containers and planters, or just want to take on a fun project, you can click here to register for the workshop. The $125 registration fee covers the cost of all materials. This workshop will be held outside, weather permitting so dress accordingly. You can also check out what we have scheduled for the rest of autumn on the Workshops page on our website. Working with folks who are excited about plants and flowers is the best part of our job, so sign up and come see us. We'll look forward to it.

When to Move Houseplants Inside:

I just have a quick note on this: if you've moved some of your tropical or heat loving houseplants outside for the summer, you'll want to bring them in by the first week of October, or when the temperature falls below 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) at night. Now is also a good time to spray them for any bugs or infections they might have been exposed to outside. You could also feed any houseplants with an organic fertilizer as you get them ready to come back inside. Organic pesticides and fertilizers are all available in the McArdle's Garden Shop.
As we move into autumn, we've got all sorts of excitement planned! So, keep an eye on our website and blog for updates. Or else, stop by the shop, and chat with us. We can answer any questions you may have, or just show you around. However you keep in touch, join us as we fall into fall.
by Justin Lievano who holds autumn (specifically Halloween) as his favorite time of year.

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