Air Plants: Unique & Intriguing

Tillandsias, commonly known as ‘air plants’ are a very unique and intriguing plant. As the name implies, air plants do not require soil to live, but instead absorb water and nutrients through the leaves. Air plants are a relative of bromeliads and are found in a range from South America to the southern portion of North America. Tillandsias are very hardy and much easier to care for than the average houseplant. They can tolerate a general temperature range from 50-90F, and are drought tolerant
WATERING: Because air plants are not rooted in soil it can be difficult to tell whether your plant needs water. It is best to submerge your air plant in water for 20-30 minutes about once or twice a week but if this is not an option you can give your plant a ‘soaking’ mist (to the point of run-off) instead.  Although they are drought tolerant, they do not grow during a drought, so water frequently for maximum health.
LOCATION: It is best to choose a location for your air plant with high humidity and bright filtered light. If you have a different area in mind, fluorescent lighting can be used as an alternative.
DISPLAY: There are countless ways to display the beauty of your air plant. Terrariums are a great way to show off these plants and will also help keep high levels of humidity. You can use any thin string (fishing line works best) to attach your plant to a piece of driftwood for display. Since Tillandsias doesn’t require soil, you can “plant” it in virtually any container you can imagine.
Whether you are a new plant owner or just want to add a great specimen to your diverse collection, this plant is a gem!

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