With the change of seasons comes the inevitable “Fall To Do List”.  Somewhere on that list is the planting of fall bulbs for a colorful garden next spring.  We always suggest you buy your bulbs early for the best selection.  When planting we encourage you to feed your bulbs with an appropriate bulb food such as Espoma’s Bulbtone, protect them against rodents by pre-soaking them with a repellent like Bobbex R, and thoroughly water them in after planting.  The last item is particularly important this year since the second half of summer has been very dry.


We are highlighting Double Daffodils this fall.  This interesting group of daffodils has within it some very showy varieties for the spring garden.  Their blossoms have a rumpled effect because the flower is composed of multiple layers of petals.  Depending on the variety, they can bloom anywhere from April to May.  They make a great cut flower.

We are featuring some fabulous double varieties this fall.  Tahiti has strong stems with sulfur yellow flowers that contain red inner segments.  It’s an award winner and is a good perennializer.  Obdam is striking with its’ large glistening white blooms.  Double Fashion touts buff yellow flowers with orangery red segments that are long lasting.  We even have a mixed variety collection.

Once frequently planted, Double Daffodils are increasing in popularity again.  Include some in your spring garden!

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