McArdle's Gets a Spring Makeover!

Hello again friends!
As much as I love blogging, the medium has it's limits. In this case, I'd love to sing "Start spreading the news!" the first line of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," to let you know that I have news about the store. Sadly, that isn't going to happen, but there's news all the same.
We've undertaken a Spring makeover effort here at McArdle's. Long time customers will remember that our main entrance used to be beneath the portico. In recent years, we had closed that door, and put our main counter in front of it. The patio entrance became the main entrance, and so on for the better part of a decade.
Well, the main entrance is back! We've opened up our doors beneath the portico as our new grand entrance. We've also made some changes within the shop. For example, the fresh cuts have moved up to our middle showroom.
So whether you're coming in for a gift, for annuals, or for your weekly flower fix, have a look around! Come see the results of our Spring Makeover, and check out all the fabulous new plants, flowers, and gifts that we've got for you!
As always, we hope to see you soon, and thanks for reading!
by Justin Lievano who took part in the over making and is excited for you all to see the shop's new layout!

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