Living the Riviera Fantasy with Terra Cotta Pots!

Hi friends! Today, I want to chat with you about one of my favorite decorative pot collections this spring, Campo de' Fiori. Let me set a scene for you...
You're on the coast of the Mediterranean, Italy or France. You can choose which; that detail is minor. You're with someone important, a friend, a spouse, &c., and the two of you are staying in a fabulous villa. Your day begins with breakfast and a stroll in the courtyard, and proceeds with various luxuries -- a trip to the spa, a swim at the beach, a tour of a local winery, you know the drill.
At the end of the day, you find yourselves back in the villa. You pass through a set of French doors, and the gossamer curtains wave gently in the breeze. You and your someone are standing on the terrace, leaning on the balustrade, and chatting. He or she comments on a beautiful piece of pottery nearby, and you respond, "Oh! thank you. That's been in my family for four generations. My great grandfather spun it... he used to own a pottery studio in this town." In the intervening century, the pot's edges have smoothed, and it has grown a soft patina of green moss. In it's surface, you can see the history of your family, and it warms you...
Good news! You don't need ancestors who spun pottery or an Italian villa to live the fantasy! You can get it with the Campo de' Fiori vessels in our shop. Let's face it. As florists, we're in the business of fantasy.  I'll include images below of some of our plant selections in Campo pots, but be sure to come into the store to see all that we have to offer. My favorite is shaped like a giant clamshell!

This selection is called "Natural Elegance," and it's got bright, springy orchids in a pedestaled bowl, all dressed up with some moss and curly willow.  PS, You can just click the name to order it from our website.

This selection, "Maiden Hair Fern," has a beautiful and delicate maiden hair fern floating above a tapered Campo pot, replicating the simple elegance of the garden.

This little succulent garden is called "Singular Sensation," and it captures everything that we love about succulents, mainly that they're cute and stout.
So, I hope you enjoyed your taste of our Campo de' Fiori collection, and I've whetted your appetite for more. Swing by the shop and we'll make you something gorgeous that channels the old European glamour we've been on about. Thanks for reading!
by Justin Lievano, a houseplant aficionado who believes assuredly in the value of an elegant pot.


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