Aphids! "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

...And they are aphids, which is usually the case.  However they are a little late this year probably due to the unseasonably cool weather.
Aphids are soft bodied insects that are pear shaped.  Usually green in color, their color can vary.  They love tender plant growth (the new growth) so that's where they can be found clustered right now, at the growing tips of plants.  Aphids insert their needle-like beak into this new growth and suck out plant sap.
In small numbers aphids do not cause much harm, but they can build up into large numbers quickly and can create a lot of damage.  In the process of sucking the sap out of the new growth, they cause the plant structure to collapse and so the growth becomes contorted and plant is disfigured. So aphids should be stopped quickly.
Aphids should be easy to take care of with repeated organic sprays of Neem oil. insecticidal soap, or pyrethrin.  Please call or stop in for a specific recommendation for your situation.